human foods for cats

Human Foods That Your Cat Can And Can’t Eat

When preparing your afternoon snack in the kitchen, you may look down to find your feline friend begging for a taste of your food. This may cause you to question if the food item you’re eating is safe for your cat, and if so, how many other human foods are safe for cats? As a … Read more

Why Do Cats Purr? – Everything You Need To Know

There is nothing better than having a purring feline friend cuddled up into your lap. We’ve always been told that an affectionate and purring cat is evidence of a happy furry friend, but there may be more to the behavior than what meets the eye.  The purring of your beloved cat can soothe even the … Read more

best microchip cat feeders

Best microchip and RFID tag activated pet feeders

Do you want to know which is the best microchip pet feeder for your cat or dog? Then check out my detailed 2022 guide! With seven cats in my household, feeding is sometimes quite hard. There are also kittens, large greedy males, and a senior cat who needs a special diet. The situation is even … Read more