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The best 5 shock collars for cats In 2022: What is the best training device against bad behavior?

Written by: Peter Laskay
Reviewed by: Amber LaRock
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I chose PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range and eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs with Remote as the best shock collars for cats.

Anyway, you might want to read the full article. I put some useful tips in it about the topic. 

Cats are adorable animals. Surely that is what you think too. However, they can sometimes have disturbing behavioral habits. This is when many cat owners think about using a shock collar. But are they safe? What varieties are there? Which shock collars are best for cats? In my article, I will answer these questions in the best way I can.

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Product table for the best shock collars for cats

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What is a shock collar for cats and when to use it?

A shock collar, as its name suggests, is a collar that can give some signal to cats. By the way, this signal can be more than just a shock. There can be beeps or vibrations too. 

If your cat is doing some bad behavior, you can use this device to teach her to stop. Cats are quite difficult to teach and train. The methods used in dogs do not work for them. 

Physical punishment is also not a solution. Because all it will mean that your kitten will be afraid of you. A shock collar is a harmless and effective way to train your feline friend

The reasons why people usually consider using shock collars are very different. It would be difficult to list all such reasons. But one of these, for example, is if there is a part of your home where you don’t want your cat to go in

A similarly compelling reason can be for your kitten to be too aggressive with the neighbor’s cat. In this case, a small signal can help correct bad behavior.

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Things to consider when buying a shock collar for your cat

There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a shock collar. I list these below.

Stimulation types

We distinguish three types. Beep, vibration, and static stimulation. The first means that the device beeps to the cat. In the case of vibration, the collar vibrates on the cat’s neck when you press the appropriate button. And the last means that the collar delivers an electric shock. Most shock collars have all three types.


A shock collar must always provide an adjustable intensity for shock control. Too strong shock can be dangerous. The beep and vibration are okay if they are not adjustable. 


There are shock collars that are capable of automatic function too. This comes in handy when you’re not at home. 


A collar should fit properly. It can be neither too tight nor too loose. If the product is adjustable, there should be no problem.

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If a collar is too bulky, it is disadvantageous in several ways. On the one hand, it can be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, with a bulky collar, your cat has a chance of getting stuck in something (like a tree).


The best collars are usually made of nylon. It is durable, yet lightweight. After all, you want the product you buy to be long-lasting, but not uncomfortable for your cat. It is as important to be waterproof.


Of course, all electrical appliances, including a shock collar, also have a battery part. Choose a product that has a long-life battery.

Range of use

A shock collar can be used extensively. Because of this, you may need a longer range. Always look at what a product is capable of in this regard.

LCD display and its features

The LCD display is for almost every product. They have different lights. There are some that have light, so it can be used even at night. Some displays have a low battery indicator, which is very practical.


Never look at the price. After all, a cheap product can be of poorer quality. Otherwise, even the most expensive shock collar is cheaper than a professional trainer.


For me, a warranty always means that the manufacturer has invested a lot of energy and money in their product. Otherwise, they would not add a long warranty. 

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Types of shock collars for cats

Basically, we can distinguish two varieties. With containment systems, pets should stay in one area. This system consists of a collar and an electric wire. This alarms as an invisible fence when the pet approaches. This alarm can be any of the three types listed above.

Obedience collars, also known as remote collars, are manually controlled by the owner. 

My choices

The above can help you figure out which shock collar is right for your cat. I have collected the products I like the most. In the end, I choose my favorite.

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range

This shock collar does not work with a remote, but automatically.

You need to place a transmitter in the appropriate area. If your cat is within range of the transmitter, the device will operate.

That is, if you want to keep your cat away from a certain area or room, this is a very good product for you. In addition, it has no other functions, but it is perfect for this.

You can set the range to 2-12 feet. Safety mode automatically shuts off the device after 15 seconds. I like that the collar and receiver are small and light.

The receiver works with two RFA-35-11 batteries and the transmitter with 3 AA batteries. Unfortunately, you have to purchase these separately.

Even though the collar has a function, only your imagination can limit what you use it for. For example, you can put it in a certain room or to the trash can.


  • Small and light
  • Adjustable range
  • Works automatically
  • Safety shutoff mode
  • Works great


  • You need to purchase the batteries separately

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PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs and Cats

This collar is part of the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System.

It can be used for a lot of things, and if you buy more receivers, you can add more animals to the system

The product works by creating an invisible circular boundary. Its size can be adjusted between 22 and 105 feet. Your cat (or other pet) should stay in this circle.

When the pet leaves the circle area, the device beeps. If it does not return as a result, it will receive a static shock. These shocks are safe and adjustable. There are five of them. In addition, it is also possible to emit only an audible signal.

So you can see that the working principle of this collar is similar to the previous one. The device is very modern and reliable, although the price is not cheap. 

What I like about this product is that you get rechargeable batteries for it.


  • Tone-only and static shock
  • Waterproof
  • Large area
  • Rechargeable battery in the pack
  • Small and light
  • Adjustable shock


  • Expensive

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PetSafe In-Ground Cat Fence for Cats

This is another fence-like collar from PetSafe.

It can cover a fairly large area (one-third hectare) and can be further expanded. To do this, you need to get additional wires and lags.

The intensity of the shock can be adjusted up to four levels. The product works with a radio signal. Like the previous ones, it gives your cat a shock when she leaves the pre-designated area.

The fence is waterproof and sealed, so it is completely safe. Here, too, your cat gets a beep signal for the first time, and if she still doesn’t return inside the boundary, the shock comes. After a while, she learns to be in the right place. The product has a stretch section which prevents choking.

The collar fits a neck size of 6-11.5 inches. It is well adjustable so you won’t have a problem with setting up. Unfortunately, you have to buy the batteries separately.


  • Great quality
  • Adjustable collar
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Tone-only and static shock
  • Stretch section


  • Not cheap
  • You need to purchase the batteries separately

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Aetertek AT-211SW Little Small Dog Remote Training Shock Collar

This is a fairly popular and high-quality training collar. It is designed for small dogs but also suitable for cats.

This is also true in terms of size and harmfulness. However, be sure to keep the intensity low.

The product consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Both are made of sturdy and durable plastic. This is a remote collar, meaning it does not work automatically unlike previous products. So, in turn, there are even more options in it. After all, training is not limited to one area.

The range is 1000 feet, which is plenty for average use. Unfortunately, the receiver has very short battery life. It needs to be recharged every day and a half. The product is not completely waterproof, but it can withstand the wet environment well. You can train with it in the rain.


  • 1000 feet range
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Small and great fit
  • Safe
  • Adjustable intensity


  • Battery life is short
  • Not 100% waterproof

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eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs with Remote

Like the previous one, this is also an obedience training collar. So you can use it extensively against the bad behavior of your cat.

It has been developed for small dogs, but will also fit perfectly with cats.

The collar uses three methods. Beep, vibration, and shock. In addition, a training click is built-in. You can also use the sound for this before turning on the other alarms. So over time, your cat will associate the sound of the click with the shock.

You are free to adjust the intensity from 1 to 100, which is very good. It’s worth starting with the smallest grade because it’s a shock collar made for dogs. 

The product is waterproof and has a 30-day warranty on it. The receiver and transmitter also come with a rechargeable battery.


  • Water resistant
  • Highly adjustable intensity
  • Great quality
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Affordable
  • 30-day warranty


  • The battery life is not so long

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My pick as the best training collar for cats?

As you can see, I put together two types of products. That’s why I choose two favorites now. Buy the one that best suits your needs. 

The best containment system is PetSafe Pawz Away. Even though you have to buy the batteries separately, this is an extremely good system. By the way, the price is also very affordable.

Click here to get one.

Of the obedience, also known as remote training collars, my favorite is the eXuby Shock Collar. While another of the same kind of collar is also an excellent choice, based on its properties I prefer this one.

Click here to get one.

grumpy cat shock collar

Are there any alternative solutions instead of a shock collar?

A shock collar is a simple and effective way to correct the bad behavior of cats. However, you may not want to use it for some reason. This can be an individual decision. But it could also be that you tried it and for some reason your cat didn’t respond well to it. In this case, other solutions can be considered.

Use the power of positive reinforcement. Don’t focus on what your cat shouldn’t do. Instead, focus on what should he or she do. This will be an extra motivation for your kitten to follow the rules.

And there are very simple solutions. If you don’t want your pets to go to bed, don’t let them get into your bedroom. Obviously, this is not always feasible. However, if so, you don’t have to buy a shock collar, but try this method.

There are cat training videos, the following of which are my favorites:

There are devices or sprays that can be used to deter cats. You can check out more here.

Frequently asked questions

Are shock collars for cats effective?

Basically, I can say yes, they are effective. However, it depends a lot on your cat’s temperament and the brand and quality of the collar. Consistency is also very important. Stick to the rules and don’t deviate from them under any circumstances. This is the only way your cat will learn these.

Isn’t it weird that I want to use a shock collar on a cat?

If you’re really interested in my opinion, I don’t think it’s weird. The use of these accessories in dogs is perfectly acceptable. It is also becoming more common in cats. If you have a problem with your kitten’s behavior, you might want to try such a device.

Are shock collars safe for cats?

This is a very important issue. Shock collars are usually harmless, you should be careful. It’s very important to keep two things in mind when you first try it on your cat. One is to keep the intensity as low as possible. The other is that the shock should not last longer than a few seconds.

It is a good idea to check your cat’s neck after each use. Do you find any injury? Possibly a burn mark? If you experience anything like this, stop using shock collar immediately.

I would like to emphasize that I absolutely condemn and do not support the torture of animals in any way. A shock collar is a complementary way to train your cat and shape its behavior. You should never use it as a punishment.

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