Welcome to Petworshiper!

me with dogs

Mango and Moses came to us from a nearby shelter.

Hi there, my name is Peter Laskay and I am a Hungarian guy. I come from a musician family, everyone plays on some instrument. Ever since I know my mind, we’ve always had fish and turtles. I must have been about 8 years old when we found a little parrot outdoors. She was clearly a domestic parrot and could not do anything with herself in nature.

Of course, we rescued her, raised her, and we had parrots for a very long time after that. It was then that I started to have a passion for animals. I wanted to read everything about them. Unfortunately, the internet was not so widespread at that time, so I always asked my parents for books and newspapers on animal topics for Christmas, my birthday, and so on. 

Sometimes I feel like my cats also want to learn music…

For a very long time, my goal in life was to be a veterinarian, or a biologist, or something like that. Then eventually my life path led to music. I didn’t regret it because it’s also my old passion and my love of animals has been unbroken ever since. 

Over the years, we had plenty of different types of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, parrots, hens, and chickens. Once I move from my apartment to a garden house, there will be at least that much variety of pets for me, or rather more. I help my parents a lot in taking care of their animals, feeding them, and so on. I feel like I’ve become an expert on a lot of pet-related topics over the years, because I had to look up a lot of things on my own.

My mission is to help people take care of their pets in the best way they can.

How I create content

I write and edit all the content on this website. I plan to work with freelancers in the future. This will also give me the opportunity to focus on things that will help my blog grow. However, it is important to mention that in that case, no article will be posted on the website that I did not personally check. I do not want to degrade anything in the current quality, but rather to improve it.

This website is a way for me to show my love for animals. For this reason, I will follow the topic of each article in the best way I can. In recent months, I have tried to train myself as best as possible as a pet expert, trainer, etc. I read a lot of books, bought online courses. When all this is not enough, I still write my articles based on the most authentic sources possible

When I review products, in many cases I have personal experiences with them. However, this is not feasible in all cases. This is when I try to find reviews from real customers. This is not a big problem on the internet these days. My goal is to give a realistic picture of the products so that I can offer the best possible for my visitors.

I do my best to make my blog a reliable source for pet care.

Other things I consider

As I mentioned, I’m not a professional, but I conscientiously edit my articles. I pay close attention to the following things when recommending products:


I always read other product recommendations with concern and some skepticism. Many times I feel at similar blogs that someone writes about products to sell them. This is not the first for me. If a product doesn’t live up to my expectations, or I find reviews of it on the internet that have something wrong with it, I’ll let my followers know.


I focus on quality and safety. If a product is a little harmful to your pet, it will not be included in the article. At most as a deterrent example. Therefore, I may not recommend a cheaper product because of poorer quality.

Economical products

Of course, the opposite of the previous thing is also true. I will not recommend a product because it is expensive. If there is a cheaper alternative that is nearly the same quality, I will vote for it.

Environmentally friendly products

Almost all products can be made from a material that is biodegradable. In many cases, this is very sympathetic to me, and if the quality is right too, I will choose that kind of accessories as best.

So what is petworshiper?

Why is it worth following my blog? 

I love all kinds of pets, and that’s why I start for every subject by getting the best out of it. I try to achieve all this by staying authentic but at the same time understandable. I hope I can create value with my articles and pass on the adoration I feel for this whole topic.

Peter Laskay