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Top 5 best cat harness In 2022: reviews and buying guide

Written by: Peter Laskay
Reviewed by: Amber LaRock
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If you are in a hurry and want to know right away:

I chose Puppia RiteFit Soft Dog Harness as the harness for cats. 

Anyway, you should read the full article because I will include some useful tips in it.

In the old days, when we talked about walking a pet, everyone thought of dogs. Nowadays, cat walking is becoming more and more popular. And the cat harnesses for walking are getting better quality and getting safer. Of course, there are plenty of brands and types, so it’s easy to get confused. It also matters for what purpose, for what temperament cat we want to buy this accessory for. In my article, you can also read a buying guide along with reviews.

Let’s start!

Product Table For the Best Cat Harnesses

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Inside vs. outside

Most people to this day say that cats should be either outdoor or indoor pets. Cats that are allowed to go out, wherever they go, will not stay inside the fence. They can even hunt all day, watch the birds, and when they are hungry, they return to their owner to eat.

Although the number of cats kept exclusively indoors has increased in recent decades. And this is not surprising. People are buying cats for more and more apartments and not letting them out. These cats get away from the dangerous life outside, and anyway, outdoor life in the city is not like it is in a village.

It is a completely natural reaction from the owners that being in the safest is for the cat. But indoor cats can get bored, obese and because of this can even get sick. Indoor cats also need outdoor stimuli and experiences. However, you don’t have to vacillate between the two options. For a third option, you can walk your indoor cat. The benefits, and reasons for this will be discussed below.

Four reasons to walk your cat

There are many positive sides to walking. One of these is that it can bring variety into everyday life. And with the harness, you can do it all comfortably and safely. Let’s see why you should still walk your cat.


Walking is a great way to exercise. This will help keep your cat fit and healthy. Last but not least, it satisfies the kittens’ need for movement.

Strengthening the bond

Those who walk their cats report a strengthening of the human-cat bond. You can take your relationship with your little pet to a whole new level. You can learn to pay more attention to each other and better understand what the other is interested in.

Mental stimulation

I don’t think that needs to be explained for long. Cats love to be outdoors. The world is full of sounds, scents that they like to explore. Not to mention the birds, insects, rodents that live outside. These are all mental stimuli for cats and are very important for their development.


This point is closely related to the previous one. While cats may seem stressed while watching various outdoor things, this is not the case. The exact opposite is true. With this, and with exercise, they relieving a lot of stress. Staying outside can help with a lot of problems, such as shyness, anxiety, and aggression.

Other reasons to buy a harness for your cat

A harness provides much more control than a plain collar. If you travel or go to the vet with your cat, this accessory can save you a lot of annoyance. Cats can very skillfully get out of anywhere and escape. With a well-chosen harness, you save a lot of time at the vet, which you might spend with searching or chasing. 

The neck of cats is not as strong as that of dogs. If we try to walk them with a collar and leash, that can easily end in injury. Not to mention that the smarter cats get out of a collar smoothly. In contrast, harness evenly distributes the load on your cat’s body and is difficult to escape from.

Because of the above, it is extremely important that you choose a harness of the right quality. It needs to be durable, comfortable, and safe for your cat at the same time. 

How to choose the right harness for your cat?

Here are some key considerations to help you choose the right harness for your cat. 


This is the most important aspect you need to pay attention to. If the harness doesn’t fit well, it will be uncomfortable for your cat, or just easy to escape from. If the harness fits well and you can insert two fingers between it and your cat’s body, that’s the most ideal. Pay attention to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Don’t forget to measure your kitten carefully. Measure your cat’s girth around the chest and snug against the fur. If you need the neck size, measure it around the area where the collar is. 


Of course, the product selected should be good quality and durable. Do not choose a harness that will fall apart after a few uses. All the harnesses I choose are durable and can withstand a lot of use.


Most harnesses are made of cotton or nylon. These are not uncomfortable materials. Yet, there may be parts of the harness that can be uncomfortable. For example, narrow straps, which squeeze and make the use very uncomfortable. Or too heavy or bulky harness is also uncomfortable for your cat. You should avoid all similar contingencies when choosing.

Different lifestyles

In addition to the above, you need to consider your cat’s personality and lifestyle. For a fleeing cat, choose a secure harness. However, if your cat is an outdoor explorer, you need to think about mobility and breathability. 

Different types of cat harnesses

After considering the above, we look at the harness types in this section. Note that a different type of harness may be required for different cat types or circumstances.


Vest-style harnesses (also known as walking jackets) are for cats who need extra security. These clothing-like accessories cover the pet over a large area. And the straps are wide enough so they don’t pinch cats. Because of these two things, this kind of harness is comfortable and safe

If you’ve never walked your cat outside and don’t know what to expect, this is a good choice. 

However, security has some drawbacks. Vest-style harnesses can be bulky. For this reason, I do not recommend it for longer trips. Or, if your cat is already moving with you on a leash without a problem, you can switch to another version. 

These harnesses can usually be secured with hooks and loop closures. The sounds of these can be scary for cats. It may take time for your kitten to get used to these noises. And with long-haired cats you should be careful not to pinch their fur with the hooks or loop closures. 

Step-in harnesses

This type of harnesses is good for cats for whom mobility is important. If you have an experienced cat, this will be more important than safety. Such a harness has two armholes that are easy to slip in. After this, you can fasten it. Don’t buy this variety for a beginner cat. However, it’s worth switch to this later.


These H-shaped harnesses wrap the bodies of cats in front of and behind their forelegs. This method is not so safe, but lightweight. The narrow straps of the H-style harness can squeeze your cat. But, their prices are very affordable. Only use this type of harness if you trust your cat and the situation is low-risk too.

Figure 8 harnesses

This harness is made of fabric and sewn together to form an 8-shape. The harness can exert a small pressure when the leash is pulled. This and the narrow straps can be quite uncomfortable for cats. However, this harness is easy and cheap.

I only recommend this version if your cat is already experienced and doesn’t want to run away all the time.

How to leash train your cat?

You may not be the first to find the perfect harness for your cat. Don’t worry, this isn’t common, but it’s possible that you have to try several types. It is very important that you test the harness first at home, not outside. Especially if your cat hasn’t worn such an accessory before.

The situation can be aggravated by the fact that cats are very sensitive animals and do not like new things. They can specifically hate it when you put something on their neck or body.

Here are some tips for getting used to the harness:

  • A very good way to introduce harness is to put it next to the food bowl while your kitten is eating. That way, she’ll get to know it almost unnoticed, and chances are she’ll get used to the sight.
  • Closing parts of harnesses (such as hooks or loop closures) usually make sounds. If you open and close them often, your cat will get used to these noises.
  • If your cat has already accepted the harness, you can try to gently drape it over her. Don’t forget to reward her with her favorite treat.
  • Repetition is key. It is best to take these steps every day.
  • Next a few days, the harness may remain on your cat for several minutes.
  • If your feline is frustrated or scared, don’t force things. Be patient. With patience and a lot of treat, it’s only a matter of time before success. Believe me, your kitten will become accustomed to the harness once, and then you can go out with her for a walk.

My top choices

As you can see from the above, each harness type has its advantages and disadvantages. This makes it difficult to choose the best.That is why I have selected products from several types. Of course, I will eventually choose the one I recommend the most. However, your cat’s temperament, experience, and other circumstances can greatly influence your decision.

So let’s see my top 5 choices for the best cat harnesses:

Puppia RiteFit Soft Dog Harness

Yes, this is a harness for dogs. However, it is perfectly suitable for medium and larger cats.

Don’t forget to check the dimensions

Although not of primary importance, and I did not mention it in my article, it is very positive for me that the product is available in a wide variety of colors.

This is a step-in harness. You don’t need to slip it over your feline’s head. This is positive because cats hate movements like that. The harness is comfortable and well adjustable. You can adjust the neck with hook and loop closure, and with two quick-release buckles. Keep in mind that these noises can be scary for cats. Be patient. 

The product is very light and provides adequate mobility. Excellent for all kinds of outdoor activities. 


  • Adjustable for safety and security
  • Distribute weight properly
  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Wide color variety


  • A little bulky at the neck
  • Noisy parts can be scary for cats

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Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Unlike the previous product, the Kitty Holster Cat Harness is made for cats.

Because of this, the sizing will also be much more optimal for your kitten. Of course, you should also not forget to measure her. 

The Kitty Holster is made from 100% breathable cotton and is available in a wide variety of colors. 

It is very safe and virtually impossible to escape from. This vest-style harness is made with wide cotton straps. The pressure is distributed evenly across the chest and the waist. This is why it will be so comfortable and safe. 

The harness has a butterfly shape, so you don’t have to slip it over your cat’s head. Instead, it can be fastened by hook and loop closures. Kitty Holster is highly adjustable, so you have to worry even less about whether it will fit. 


  • Noisy parts can be scary for cats
  • Wide color variety
  • Comfortable
  • Difficult to escape from
  • Washable


  • Noisy parts can be scary for cats
  • This type of harness can be heavy for some cats

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Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash

This product is very similar to the previous one. Like Kitty Holster, it is also vest-style.

It is escape-proof and made of soft mesh material. Feels very comfortable, and your cat won’t get overheated.

Thanks to the butterfly shape you don’t have to slip it over your cat’s head. 

Due to its wide straps and large surface area, it is one of the safest harnesses. With the hooks and the loop closures, this accessory is very adjustable

The product is available in a wide variety of colors. The leash is included with the harness and can be attached with two D-rings


  • Great price
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Comes with a leash
  • Lightweight


  • Noisy parts can be scary for cats

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PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Cat Leash

If you have an experienced cat whose escape you don’t have to pay attention to, this is the best choice.

PetSafe’s product has been specifically developed for low-risk situations

The bungee leash allows you to gently guide your kitty without any strong tugging. When the cat reaches the end of the lead, the straps will tighten, which will help give you more control. 

The harness is very lightweight and gives excellent freedom and mobility. However, do not use it with a cat that is now learning to use a harness or likes to run away.


  • Lightweight
  • Bungee leash
  • Adjustable
  • Variety of colors


  • Not secure and for veteran cats only

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Best Pet Supplies Voyager All Season Pet Harness

Like the step-in style harnesses so far, you don’t need to slip it over your feline’s head.

Just insert the front paws through the leg holes and fasten the harness on the back.

This make this harness very comfortable and easy to put on

Unfortunately, the armhole is quite wide and the harness is not adjustable. Because of this, it is not the safest product you can choose. Avoid high-risk situations with your cat. Experienced cats, on the other hand, can wear it.


  • Comfortable
  • Made from soft, breathable mesh material
  • Variety of colors


  • Less secure than other step-in style harnesses.
  • Noisy parts can be scary for cats

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My choice

As I mentioned in this article, it is difficult to choose the single best harness. However, considering all the factors, the Puppia RiteFit Soft Dog Harness seems to me to be the best. Not as super-secure as a vest-style harness. Yet, it is much lighter and more convenient. And it’s very adjustable, so I think it will do its job. 

Click here to get one for your kitty.

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