shih tzu bath

Best 6 dog shampoos and conditioners for Shih Tzus 2022

An increasingly popular breed is the Shih Tzu. Their fur had almost become iconic. More and more people fall in love with their long locks. However, the thin hair of these dogs requires special treatment. Regular grooming and bathing are essential. It is also important that all this is done with the right tools and … Read more

Yorkshire Terrier

6 Best Yorkie Shampoos and Conditioners for healthy coat and skin

Yorkshire Terriers are cute dogs with special personalities. Despite their small size, they can be very brave and combative. In addition, they are extremely intelligent. Although they are tiny dogs, their coat requires some maintenance. Their skin also deserves special care and attention. That’s why it is really important what shampoo you buy for your … Read more

Best Dog Shampoo For Pitbulls

Best Dog Shampoo for Pitbulls 2022 – Reviews and Buying guide

The Pitbulls have a pretty bad reputation. However, anyone who is more familiar with this breed can tell you that these dogs want the same as the others. They long for love and want to belong somewhere. Deep in their hearts, they are also sensitive.  The thing is, their skin is also quite sensitive and … Read more