best cordless dog clippers

Best Cordless Dog Clippers For Your Pup

If portability and mobility are important considerations for you while grooming, then you should choose the best cordless dog clipper for your pup. This will be your ultimate 2022 guide about this topic.  Good rechargeable cordless dog clippers have a long run time and a low noise level, and in addition to all this, they … Read more

dog clipper blades

Dog Clipper Blade Size Chart And Guard Combs Guide

This is my detailed and updated 2022 guide about the different dog clipper blade sizes and guard comb attachments.  If you want to do the grooming session for your pup yourself, you have obviously encountered the problem of choosing the right dog clipper blade size.  Most professional clippers usually come with a single blade, which … Read more

andis dog clippers

Best Andis Dog Clippers – Reviews

This is my detailed guide about the best Andis dog clippers in 2022. You can learn more about the company, the dog clippers it manufactures, and the product ranges. If you’ve ever searched for the best dog clippers, you’ve probably come across the Andis brand.  This company makes high-quality clippers, but the selection is vast, … Read more