Best Harnesses for Pitbulls to Stop Pulling: Guide and reviews

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I choose BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness as the best no-pull harness for Pitbulls.

Although I suggest you read through this article. You may find some useful information in it.

Anyone who has a Pitbull knows exactly that a simple collar is not suitable for walking this breed. They are very strong pullers due to their muscular build. That’s why I recommend a sturdy Pitbull harness. In this article, I will evaluate five products

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Product Table For The Best Pitbull Harnesses

harness for pitbulls to stop pulling

Why is it hard to walk a Pitbull?

In fact, walking the Pitbulls are not for beginners. This breed is quite bold and last but not least very strong bodied. The chest and neck of these dogs are not very ideal for the collar. 

And outdoors, they’re too excited, which is why they keep pulling. (In this article, I write about why they are so excited, sometimes aggressive. I also collected and rated excellent muzzles). 

This constant pull can be detrimental to both dogs and owners. The neck of dogs and the hands of people can be injured.

Many Pitbulls are landing in clinics with serious injuries. This is usually due to the collar tightening their necks too much. The situation is even worse when there are sharp studs on the collar. 

Collar or Harness For Pitbulls

Although their necks are thick and stocky, the Pitbulls’ coats are thin. This is why this area is so vulnerable. They easily get abrasions or even more serious wounds. This is dangerous not only because of the pain but also because of the infection.

Nevertheless, a good quality collar developed directly for Pitbulls can be good. For identification purposes, it is particularly practical. However, make sure that your dog doesn’t wear a collar all day.

A harness is a proper choice because it surrounds Pitbull’s chest and back. This, as expected, distributes the load on the dog’s body during the pull. This also protects the neck. You will also have more control when you walk your Pit. 

It’s important to mention that there are matching collars for Pitbulls anyway. You can read more about this article.

How to teach your Pitbull not to pull?

Of course, not all Pitbulls pull hard. However, if you have one of these dogs or are planning to own one, be sure to read the following tips. They are very clever animals and can be taught very well.

Start training in time

Once your puppy has received all the necessary vaccinations from the vet, you can start leash training. Some start this as early as 8 weeks of age. 

The pulling habit is not easy to stop once it is fixed. If you simply pull backward, it can lead to further behavioral problems

Because of this, the sooner your pup gets used to walking on a leash, the better. With a bigger, more muscular, and stronger dog, you won’t have an easy time.

harness for pitbulls to stop pulling

Practice attention

As soon as you leave the house, your Pitbull will be excited and inattentive. Obviously this is true for all dogs, but especially for Pits. They will want to go their own way. 

One of the most important things you need to teach your Pitbull is to listen when you call him by name. If you try to pull, call him by name, and try to keep eye contact with him.

Don’t be permissive

Once you’ve laid down the rules, don’t deviate from them. Be consistent. In all cases, prevent pulling. If your Pitbull is trying to pull, call him and head in the other direction. If your dog objects, stop and wait until he turns to you. If he calms down, reward him with something like a treat

Then you can continue walking. Each time the puppy tries to pull again, repeat the above. If he is already calm and willing to walk beside you, you can already let him go where he wants to go. So your Pitbull learns that he gets some freedom when he obeys.


Every step counts. And you have to reward all that. Your Pitbull needs to learn that there is a reward for behaving well. And there is no reward for pulling.

Never punish your dog. Violence and physical abuse can have far more negative consequences than positive ones.

Contact a professional

There is a chance that none of the above tips will work. In this case, you should consult a professional dog trainer. Such a person can help you with what you mess up and can give you great tips that can be effective.

How to choose the best harness for Pitbulls to stop pulling?

In addition to the above training tips, it is important to choose a good harness. That way, neither of you will be unnecessarily hurt while trying to correct your dog’s bad habits.

When choosing a no-pull harness, you should pay attention to the following:


As with other similar dog accessories, the harness should be sized up appropriately. Measure your dog’s chest at the widest point. It’s usually a few inches behind the front legs. Add a few inches to the result in case the puppy gains weight

Harness for Pitbulls

After the measurement, check the size chart provided by the harness manufacturer. Of course, you have to choose the one closest to the result. If the product is adjustable, you can choose a slightly larger one.


These harnesses are very comfortable and breathable these days. Most of them have neoprene padding, polyester webbing, and nylon mesh. Due to the padding, these accessories can be used safely.

In addition to the comfort of the material, pay attention to durability. If we are looking for a harness for Pitbull, thickness and double stitching products should be preferred.


If there is a handle on the harness, it’s very good because that way you can retrieve your Pitbull. It is also useful to have a D-ring on it that you can attach the leash to. Some harnesses have two D-rings. One at the front and the other at the back.


In addition to materials and accessories, comfort is also extremely important. Look online for reviews of the selected product. You can be sure that customers will write about their experiences. More specifically, they will write about the experiences of their dogs. 

It’s almost certain that the dog won’t like wearing a harness at first. It may take some time for your pooch to get used to it. However, if he is strangely walking while wearing the harness, there is probably something wrong with the adjusting or size.

Also, watch his skin and coat for irritation due to the material.

Best harness for Pitbulls


Obviously, this is not the most important factor. However, some harnesses look really good and can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and prints. This tends to be positive for some owners.


An excellent harness cannot be too cheap. However, the price does not necessarily determine quality. In my article, I tried to gather products with the right value for money.

Training your Pitbull to wear the harness

As I mentioned above, your canine probably won’t like wearing a harness at first. But be patient. If you move in steps, he will get used to it soon.

First, just let him sniff the product. From this, he will already suspect that there is nothing wrong with it. Then put the harness on him, but only for a short time. Then increase the duration. Believe me, you will soon get to the point where your Pitbull will walk and play while wearing the harness.

My Top 5 choice

As discussed above, a professional harness is a very good choice for your Pitbull. Let’s look at my top 5 best harnesses for Pitbulls to stop pulling:

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness

This is a very promising harness. The chest size is between 22 and 35 inches.

The design is very comfortable and sturdy. I especially like that the straps are very well adjustable

In addition, there are two D-rings on the product. One on the back, and the other on the chest.  So it can be used for a plain walk, but even for training.

Another thing that helps with maximum control is the handle. It absolutely seems that this harness was developed for Pitbulls. With the quick-snap and secure buckles, you can easily put on and take off the harness. 

The product is available in several colors, and it has reflective strips


  • Great adjustability
  • High comfort level
  • Sturdy, but lightweight


  • The rings could be stronger

>>Check the latest price on Amazon<<

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

It’s also a very good harness that I can recommend.

It is made of nylon oxford material and has a soft padding. This makes it especially comfortable

It fits chest girth between 20.5-36 inches. Highly adjustable. The picture shows a labrador, but this product is also great for Pitbulls.

Like the previous one, there are two D-rings on this harness. One at the front and one at the back. You can also attach your dog’s ID to it

It is also available in several colors and has reflective strips on it. 

Despite the high adjustment, some customers reported that adjustment was not easy.


  • Great quality
  • Double D-rings
  • Comfortable, breathable materials with padding


  • Adjustment can be a challenge

>>Check the latest price on Amazon<<

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

This harness is a very good option for working dogs. But it also stands its ground as a tactical dog harness.

The product is very durable and sturdy. It has metal buckles for maximum safety. It has a handle on it, although it doesn’t seem too strong for me.

However, I did not read any complaints in the reviews. Hook and loop panel strips are sewn on this harness. You can attach many patches to identify your dog. 

The product is greatly adjustable and fits perfectly for Pitbulls. 


  • Many sizes
  • Safe
  • Hook and loop panel strips


  • Not easy to put on and take off
  • Pricey

>>Check the latest price on Amazon<<

YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness

What I really like about this harness is that it has quite a long handle on it. Its chest girth is between 26.5 and 34 inches.

The elastic handle is very strong. It can endure up to 450 lbs force

There are comfortable neoprene chest paddings, nylon webbed straps, and click buckles on it. The latter is very durable on it. The product is made from nylon which is very quick dry. 

It has also reflective strips

Because of the long and endurable handle, I highly recommend this harness if you have a strong puller dog. Although you can’t attach a leash to the front, it’s not the best choice for training.


  • Long handle
  • Waterproof nylon webbing
  • Reflective strips


  • Not the best adjustability
  • Not the best for training

>>Check the latest price on Amazon<<

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

Barkbay is a very good brand when it comes to dog accessories.

This no pull dog harness is also high-quality. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

This way you can buy it for several dog breeds. It will fit for your Pitbull too. 

There are two D-rings on it. One on the front and the other is on the back. This vest-style dog harness is made from durable nylon. It has also paddings, so your dog won’t feel any discomfort while pulling. 

The product has also a handle on the top, and reflective elements on it. 


  • The nylon material is durable but lightweight
  • Great design and a wide variety of colors
  • Handle, and double D-rings for safety


  • There could be sizing issues
  • There could be problems with adjustment

>>Check the latest price on Amazon<<

My choice

As my article has shown, a good Pitbull harness must meet many conditions. It protects your dog from neck injuries.

However, it is very durable and resistant to strong pulling. It should fit perfectly with the unique physique of the Pitbull breed.

My choice is BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness. I think it meets the above requirements perfectly. In addition, it is one of the most affordable products among the harnesses listed.

Click here to get one for your Pit.

Best harness for pitbulls

Frequently Asked Questions About No-Pull Harnesses for Pitbulls

  1. Is a collar or harness better for a pitbull?

    In most cases, a harness is much more comfortable than a collar. This is especially true if you want to leave it on your dog for a long time. Or even if your dog is a strong puller. In the latter case, neck injuries can be avoided with harness.

  2. How do I get my pitbull to stop pulling?

    If you start training at a young age with your Pitbull, good habits can be developed. Otherwise, positive reinforcement is always a good method. You can also find a number of useful tips in the current article and on youtube.

  3. Will a harness stop a dog from pulling?

    A harness is just a tool. The very method you use during training will guide your dog not to pull. He has to learn that if the leash is tight, he can’t move.

  4. What's the best no pull dog harness?

    In my article, I reviewed the best no-pull harnesses on the market. These are BABYLTRL Big Dog No-Pull Harness, Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness, ICEFANG Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness, YOGADOG Heavy Duty No-Pull Dog Harness, and BARKBAY No-Pull Dog Harness.

  5. Can I leave my dog's harness on all day?

    Yes. This is especially true if you choose a harness that is properly breathable. However, sometimes be sure to take it off your dog. It can be uncomfortable in the very long run. If your puppy is long-haired, take it off once a day so you can prevent matting.

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