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Top 5 best muzzles for Pitbulls In 2022: buying guide and reviews

Written by: Peter Laskay
Reviewed by: Amber LaRock
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I choose Baskerville Ultra Muzzle as the best muzzle for Pitbulls. Although I suggest you read through this article because you can find some useful information in it. 

I’ve never had a pitbull before, but I’ve always been interested in this breed. One of my friends, who already had a lot of Pitbulls, described them as follows: “They are respectable animals who have a huge soul.”

Unfortunately, the perception of pit bulls is quite negative. Of course, this is no accident, as my article will show. So you’re better off getting a muzzle for your pitbull. And which one to choose? In my article, I will show how you can choose the best, and I will evaluate these 5 excellent muzzles:

Anyway, you might want to read the full article because I’ve put together some helpful tips on the subject.

Is a Pitbull a dangerous dog?

To understand the behavior of a dog breed, we need to examine its origin. The ancestors of the pitbull were developed to kill other animals for entertainment. Because of this, they can be particularly aggressive towards other dogs, but especially cats.

However, you should know that Pitbulls are not dangerous to humans. People have taught them to kill, but it is very rare for them to attack humans. The worst thing they can do is barking. When something like that happens, it is usually because of violence or the protection of another person.

However, these dogs are very good housekeepers. You must accept their aggression against other animals. Otherwise, this aggression can be improved a lot with a lot of care and training. The Pitbulls also have a very nice side. Only the media does not like to emphasize this but presents their violent side.

The number of people killed by dogs each year is very small. However, there are plenty of cases where Pitbulls have saved lives. 

So in most cases, I would say that it is the individual responsibility of each owner to decide whether to put a muzzle on their Pitbull. Of course, this is not always enough, I will write about this below.

When does your Pitbull have to wear a muzzle?

While wearing a muzzle isn’t always mandatory, there are situations when this accessory is required. You will definitely need one in the following cases:

State requirements

Some states have made it mandatory to use a muzzle if you are not walking your dog in a private property. One such state is Massachusetts, whereby law Pitbulls are “dangerous breeds.” And based on that, you have to put the muzzle on your Pitbull if you want to go among people with him. 

If you are traveling to another state with your dog, be sure to check these rules and laws and restrictions.


If you’re getting ready to go to the vet, it doesn’t hurt to take a muzzle with you. Many times there are more stressful and aggressive dogs in the waiting room. This does not have a good effect on your pitbull. In such an environment, even the gentlest dog can go wild. Especially when the doctor examines, or might poke him. You also want to stop excessive barking.

The safest thing you can do is put a muzzle on your dog. By the way, in a lot of veterinary offices, this is already a requirement.

Grooming sessions

Just like a visit to the vet, this isn’t the most reassuring thing either for your pitbull. There are dogs that can handle grooming well, and other dogs can’t stand it. And sometimes they want to bite the groomer.

As with veterinary offices, the groomer may ask you to have a  muzzle on your pitbull. But if he doesn’t ask for it, it’s still advisable to take one with you. This is because the muzzle can prevent many unpleasant and dangerous situations.

Injury and other emergency situations

Although this advice may seem strange at first. Still, you may want to put a muzzle on your injured pitbull before treatment. The senses of an injured dog are more easily alerted. They are more dangerous and biting in this situation. This can make it difficult to treat wounds or injuries.

So a muzzle can save not only people but your pitbull in this case.

What should you look out for when buying a muzzle for a pitbull?

There are several factors to consider when buying a muzzle. The most important of these is quality. A poor quality muzzle disintegrates, breaks down. In this case, it can cause more trouble than benefits. So we can say that durability is the number one factor.

You should look for a muzzle, that is held in place with strong thick straps. The best is when these straps are fully adjustable. If not, you can drill a few holes in the strap to make it tighter. The end of the muzzle should be made of rigid material (steel e.g.). Some metal is best, but thick genuine leather will also do. 

Comfort is also a very important aspect. Wearing a muzzle may not be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Listen to the breathing of your pitbull and make sure he gets enough air.

The mouth part of the muzzle should contain as little metal as possible. Rough pieces of metal can rub against your dog’s skin, gums, or teeth. Metal wire on the muzzle is also a dangerous thing. Your dog can break his teeth. 

Lastly, a good muzzle will surround your pitbull’s jaw well, while still allowing him to drink. The muzzle needs to leave enough space for your dog to stick hir tongue out. After all, on a longer walk, you need to think about hydration.

Three different types of muzzles for Pitbulls

While they may seem the same, the different types are all useful in different ways. Some are more for barking, while others are more for preventing biting. Let’s take a look at the three varieties!

Wire basket muzzles

These metal basket muzzles are quite popular types among muzzles. Many people call this variety “cage-like”. It’s no coincidence, since the nose part of the muzzle is basket-shaped, and it completely surrounds your dog’s nose.

Wire basket muzzles usually have a small opening through which dogs can drink or you can give them a treat. They will also be able to pant, which is very important. 

It is not advisable to leave any muzzle on your dog for a long time. However, this variety is quite comfortable, so it can be used on longer trips. 

Plastic basket muzzles

This variation is very similar to the previous one. Pit bulls will not be able to bite or eat any food from the ground because of it. At the same time, they will be able to drink, breathe, and eat smaller treats from your hand. Panting will be possible for them too. 

If you want the right freedom for your dog, but you don’t want anyone to worry about his bite, this type is one of the best choices. In addition, due to the plastic material, it can come in many shapes and colors.

Soft muzzles

Soft muzzles are not always the best choice. Because they are made of fabric, they are comfortable. Most soft muzzles won’t let your pitbull open the mouth. This can come in handy at a vet or grooming session, for example. However, do not use such a muzzle when walking. If your dog can’t pant, that will lead to overheating. 

Tips for using a muzzle correctly

Never force the muzzle on your dog. It can have a lot of negative effects. Let him approach it. If he sniffs it, he will get to know it and it will be easier to put on the muzzle. Don’t forget to reward him with a treat.

If you coat the inside of the muzzle with peanut butter or some other delicacy, it will be easier to accustom the dog to it. Just let him lick the peanut butter and hold the basket on his nose for a while.

When your dog is already comfortable with the muzzle, don’t forget to reward him. This will reinforce in him that the muzzle is not a bad thing. 

Once you’ve put the muzzle on your pitbull, it’s time for a walk for a short period. So he will connect it with walking and will hate it even less.

Patience is very important. Pit bulls can be very stubborn. Give your dog time to get used to this whole thing. The muzzle won’t make your pitbull aggressive. It can prevent a dog from biting, but won’t change behavior. 

In different situations, you may need different muzzles. On the other hand, the basket muzzle is the best choice. It is sufficiently safe, comfortable, and provides enough freedom for your dog.

Never use the muzzle as a punishment. Your dog will have negative thoughts about this accessory and will be afraid of it. It’s not a training tool, it’s a tool to prevent biting or snapping. 

My top choices for the best muzzles for Pitbulls

You probably have some idea of ​​what muzzle type you’d like to buy for your pitbull. However, there are still plenty of brands. I have already mentioned that you should not choose a poor quality product. It does more harm than good. Below I have compiled the ones that I think are appropriate. And then I choose the one that I think is best. Let’s see that 5 best muzzles for Pitbulls!

Baskerville Ultra basket dog Muzzle

This is a high-quality basket dog muzzle at an affordable price. This is the best way to characterize Baskerville’s product. What I really like about this muzzle is that it is freely adjustable. It’s made of thermal plastic rubber material. With a little warming, you can easily “tailor” it to your dog’s nose. 

At first, this rubber material doesn’t seem comfortable. However, there is a neoprene padding inside for comfort. 

There are many reports of sizing issues. However, this can be easily remedied with the adjustment option, and experience has shown that it fits well on the wide noses of pit bulls.


  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable straps (great for small, medium and large dogs)
  • Comfortable


  • There could be sizing issues

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SlowTon Nylon Dog Muzzle

This is a product made of nylon. The material is extremely comfortable and last but not least available in three colors. Each color looks good. 

It has a soft flannel padding that fits very well with all kinds of nose shapes. It’s guaranteed not to rub your dog’s nose. It can also be easily attached to a collar, which further increases security.

This muzzle also contains a reflective stripe. So that’s not a problem for you to walk with your dog at night. 

It’s easily washable in a washing machine. 


  • Washable
  • Reflective stripe
  • Comfortable


  • Because dogs cannot open their mouth, this product is not suitable for long walks.

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Collardirect Leather Basket Muzzle

This is a basket dog muzzle that covers the entire nose. This makes it difficult for dogs to get rid of it, which is positive. Although the snout remains covered, there is still room to breathe or drink. There are openings both above and below.

The genuine leather is thick and of good quality. Although there are no safety straps or extra studs. This can cause safety issues.

Over a long period of time, this type of material can elongate from many uses. Nevertheless, it is a convenient, simple, and effective muzzle for pit bulls.


  • Simple, solid
  • Good price
  • Allows drinking and panting
  • Encloses the snout properly


  • No reinforcement
  • Leather may stretch

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Bronzedog Wire Basket Muzzle

This is a steel-wire muzzle which can be used for serious situations. It is made of very strong material, although the genuine leather straps could be thicker. I’m not saying they’re bad, but this steel muzzle would be safer that way. 

On the plus side, this muzzle provides perfect protection against bites, yet allows drinking or panting. 

Although the straps are not thick, they are very adjustable, which ensures that the muzzle stays on your dog.


  • Very secure
  • Comfortable
  • Allows drinking and panting
  • Very adjustable (you don’t have to worry about the correct size)
  • Durable steel material


  • Straps could be thicker

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CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

This is one of the strongest and most reinforced muzzles on my list. What’s more, it’s one of the cheapest non-fabric muzzles. The design is excellent. Very durable.

It’s all designed so that if one strap breaks, another is there as a spare. Because of this, unfortunately the whole muzzle is a bit heavy, so security comes at a price in this case.

With adjustable straps, this product can be sufficiently loose or tight for your dog. The nose remains free so breathing is not obstructed at all. Drinking, on the other hand, is cumbersome with this product.


  • Highly reinforced
  • Durable thick straps
  • Very adjustable
  • Opening for the nose
  • Inexpensive


  • Heavy
  • Makes drinking hard

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My pick

The products listed had all the advantages and disadvantages. My choice is Baskerville Ultra Muzzle. This product provides very good performance at an excellent price. Convenient and safe. But the best part about it is that it is very easy to adjust. This even bridges the sizing problems that can sometimes be experienced. 

Click here to get one for your Pit.

If you want to buy a muzzle with much more durable material for your dog, the Bronzedog Wire Basket Muzzle is also a great choice.

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