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12 best dog food for Cocker Spaniels 2022 – Reviews, Buying guide, nutrition tips

Written by: Peter Laskay
Reviewed by: Amber LaRock
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This is my detailed article about the best dog food for Cocker Spaniels in 2022.

These dogs have individual nutritional needs. You have to provide that with high-quality dog ​​food. I spent a lot of time reviewing different products. But I found the most ideal.

I chose Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dog Food as the best dog food for Cocker Spaniels.

However, I have also gathered other useful information for you on the subject. If you are interested, read on!

Let’s start!

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12 Best dog food for Cocker Spaniel

In my article, I will give detailed advice on feeding Cocker Spaniels. Now you can see a list where I have collected the best products on the market. Each meets the nutritional needs of the Cocker Spaniels. In addition, all dog food complies with the AAFCO nutrient profile guidelines for dogs. 

Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dog Food

Key features:

  • Grain-free recipe with real lamb
  • Contains vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids
  • Free of grains, corn, wheat, filler, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Highly digestible
  • Made in the US

Taste of Wild is one of my favorite brands when it comes to dog food. Lamb is not only an excellent source of protein, but dogs simply love its taste. For gun dogs like Cocker Spaniels, this is a great choice. The food is grain-free, so dogs that are sensitive to it can eat this product. It also contains eggs, which can be a problem in some cases. But if your dog is not sensitive to it, there is no obstacle to giving him this food. The recipe contains only high-quality, natural ingredients. It’s free of any fillers and artificial preservatives, colors, and so on.

Royal Canin Cocker Spaniel Adult Dry Dog Food

Key features:

  • Designed for adult Cocker Spaniels
  • It helps maintain skin and coat health
  • It helps maintain an ideal body weight
  • Good for the health of cardiac muscle
  • Kibbles encourage chewing

It is very positive for me that Royal Canin produces dog food for specific breeds. This is just for the Cocker Spaniels right now. Therefore, it is no wonder that the recipe meets the needs of this breed of dog. Recommended for adult dogs and helps maintain ideal body weight. The ingredients are all-natural. The product does not contain anything that could cause allergies or sensitivities.

CANIDAE PURE Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

Key features:

  • 8 real food ingredients
  • Free of grains, soy, wheat, corn, and artificial ingredients
  • Features Canidae’s HealthPLUS blend of probiotics
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Made in the US

Fish is not just cats’ favorite. In most cases, dogs love it too, and this product is sure to be a favorite of your Cocker Spaniel. In addition, fish is an excellent source of protein and omega fatty acids. So this product is not only delicious but also provides useful nutrients for your dog. Not to mention the added fibers, vitamins, and minerals. The result is a healthy immune system, skin, and coat.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Beef & Chicken Grill Canned Dog Food

Key features:

  • 12 pack cans
  • Promote muscle growth
  • Can be mixed with treats or dry food
  • Features real beef and chicken
  • Free of grains, gluten, by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives

If for some reason you want to buy canned wet food for your Cocker Spaniel, be sure to consider this product. It contains two sources of protein: beef and chicken. These taste extremely good and ensure the development and retention of muscles in your dog. The product is easy to digest and does not contain ingredients that can cause sensitization or allergies. It also supports the immune system as it contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Blue Buffalo provides your dog with an excellent balanced diet with this food.

Merrick Backcountry Freeze-Dried Raw Great Plains Red Recipe

Key features:

  • Freeze-dried raw-diet
  • Real deboned beef as the first ingredient
  • Freeze-dried raw-coated kibble
  • Protein sources are lamb and rabbit
  • Made in the US

Freeze-dried foods are good because they can provide all the useful nutrients without excess moisture. This product contains freeze-dried red meat as well as vegetables and fruits. The added salmon oil provides useful omega fatty acids. These have a good effect on the skin and coat of dogs. Added glucosamine and chondroitin are responsible for joint health. The result is a truly mouth-watering dog food with the best possible nutrients.

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Adventure Variety Pack

Key features:

  • Easy digestible real meat
  • Balanced diet for dogs
  • Free of grains, glutens, by-products, fillers, and artificial ingredients
  • Contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to serve

Real meat is essential in the diet of almost every dog. This product also contains two kinds of real meats as a source of protein. This makes it really tasty and easy to digest. At the same time, it does not contain soy, gluten, fillers, and artificial ingredients. However, it contains dairy products, so in case of sensitivity, this may be a reason for exclusion. In all other cases, this is a dog food that you should consider when looking for something delicious for your Cocker Spaniel.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food

Key features:

  • Real turkey as the first ingredient
  • Includes fruits, vegetables, and omega fatty acids
  • Free of grains, glutens, fillers, by-products, and artificial ingredients
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Made in the US

Nourish products are known for their high quality. This dog food is also a perfect choice for your Cocker Spaniel. Ingredients include turkey and fresh fruits and vegetables. This way, your dog is provided with the optimal amount of protein and vitamins. Beet pulp, potatoes, tapioca, and peas are not only easy-to-digest gluten-free carbohydrate sources, but they also contain a lot of fiber.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

Key features:

  • Real salmon as the first ingredient
  • Contains fruits, vegetables, and omega fatty acids
  • Free of grains, glutens, fillers, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Features essential vitamins and chelated minerals
  • Made in the US

Real salmon is a great source of protein for dogs. It provides the ideal amount of protein and is good for both coat and skin. It is also recommended for sensitive dogs as it is easy to digest. The recipe is grain and gluten-free. It does not contain fillers, meat by-products, and artificial ingredients. The added vitamins and minerals will have a good effect on the health of your Cocker Spaniel.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula

Key features:

  • Limited ingredients
  • Real salmon as the first ingredient
  • High-quality nutrition
  • Free of peas, pea protein, lentils, legumes, corn, wheat, and soy
  • Made in the US

This product also contains salmon, which is an excellent source of protein. In addition, it provides useful and essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids. The flaxseed serves the same purpose. I really like sweet potatoes in dog food because they are an easy source of carbohydrates that are easy to digest. Due to the limited ingredients, there is little chance that the Cocker Spaniel will have digestive problems.

Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

Key features:

  • Real salmon as the first ingredient
  • Features sweet potatoes and pumpkin
  • Free of corn, wheat, or artificial colors and flavors
  • Added vitamins, minerals
  • Contains vegetables and fruits

Nature’s Recipe dog food is guaranteed to contain everything your dog may need. Salmon is the primary source of protein. I guess I don’t have to repeat again how nutritious this source is. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are high in fiber and can be easily digested. They do not cause an allergic reaction. In addition, the added vegetables and fruits contribute to the health of the dogs’ immune system. The product is grain-free. It can be a great choice for Cocker Spaniels.

VICTOR Hero Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Key features:

  • Premium-quality beef, fish, and pork meal
  • Suitable for active dogs
  • Features glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, and amino acids
  • Grain-free

This recipe is ideal for dogs who have sensitive stomachs but need a lot of protein. Beef, fish, and pork meal provide all this for your dog. VICTOR was also thinking about joint problems. Therefore, glucosamine and chondroitin were included in this product. Of course, the vitamins and minerals necessary for the overall health of the overalls are also found in this food. It’s grain-free.

Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

Key features:

  • Contains chicken, lamb, and salmon
  • Features whole grains and natural oils
  • Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and taurine
  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Only natural ingredients

For dogs with sensitive stomachs, this NUTRO product is perfect. It does not contain grains and peas, but chicken, lamb, and salmon are easily digestible sources of protein. You don’t have to be afraid of artificial ingredients as this dog food doesn’t contain them either. Sunflower oil has a good effect on the health and shine of the coat. In addition, the added antioxidants support the overall health of your dog.

My pick

Cocker Spaniels have special nutritional needs. They need a lot of protein, healthy fats, and moderated, well-digested carbohydrates. You can choose any of the foods on my list. My favorite is the Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dog Food.

Remember, your dog needs the best, not the average!

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best dog food for cocker spaniel

Finding the best diet for your dog is not easy. You have to consider several aspects, e.g., activity, breed, age, health condition, etc. If you want to make the best decision possible, check out my comprehensive guide on how to choose the best dog food.

Some details about Cocker Spaniels

If you want to know what’s the best food for Cocker Spaniels, it’s a good idea to learn a little more about this breed. These dogs were used to retrieve wild game during hunting. Today they are less involved in hunting and they are more of a family dog. But some of their hunter qualities can be discovered. There is the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. There are minor differences between the two. 

Cocker Spaniels come in a variety of colors. Golden-orange, black, blue roan, tri-color, and so on. Their coat is shiny and rich. According to their size, they can be considered as a medium-size breed. They can weigh an average of 20-30 pounds. Males are usually a few pounds heavier.

These dogs are the favorites of many, which is no accident. They are very active, nice, perfect family-friendly dogs. They usually only really like one person, but they get along well with all the members of the family. They are also able to play with children for a long time.

To learn more about this breed, read my article on Cocker Spaniels.

Feeding charts

Feeding charts are extremely important. This is because calorie requirements change with age, and dogs are no exception. Too many and too few calories are not optimal either, as both have serious health risks in the long run. So let’s see:

Cocker Spaniel puppies feeding chart

As with most breeds, Cocker Spaniel puppies need a lot of protein. This provides them with the optimal amount of amino acids. From amino acids, puppies can build and later maintain lean muscle mass. But it’s not just because of muscle growth that proteins are important. The whole body uses this macronutrient for growth and development.

Puppies younger than four months need four small meals evenly distributed throughout the day. Between the ages of four and six months, reduce the number of meals to three. Above the age of six months, two meals a day is sufficient. Contact your veterinarian or a dog nutritionist for the exact amount of calories. This is because the amount required depends on the age, size, sex, and activity level of your pup.

Adult Cocker Spaniel feeding chart

Above the age of one, it’s time to switch dog food. The change should be gradual. A sudden change in diet can cause digestive problems. The average daily energy requirement of an average adult Cocker Spaniel is 740 calories. Of course, this number can vary according to the activity of the dog. A less active Spaniel may need 600 kcal, while an active one may need as much as 1000-1100.

Divide your dog’s daily amount of food into two meals throughout the day. This will help prevent obesity, overeating, and bloat. Adult dog foods tend to have more calcium, fat, and carbohydrates but less protein.

Senior Cocker Spaniel feeding chart

Both metabolism and activity are lower in senior dogs. The growth processes in their bodies have also stopped. Because of this, they do not need as many calories as adults. Excessive extra calories can cause weight gain and health problems. Senior Cocker Spaniels need a maximum of 600-700 calories per day

However, it is extremely important that their food contains useful nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and so on. This will ensure a long and healthy life for them. You should also consider digestibility when making a choice. This is because digestion by old dogs is less efficient than that by younger ones.

What to look for when choosing the best dog food for Cocker Spaniels?

Based on what has been said so far, it is probably clear to you that not only quantity is important when it comes to dog food, but also quality. There are plenty of healthy dog ​​foods on the market. However, it is important to always choose according to the needs of a particular breed. Below I detail the important ingredients and considerations you need to pay attention to when buying dog food for your Cocker Spaniel. 

  • Animal-based protein as the first ingredient: This is important for all dogs, but especially for this breed. Cocker Spaniels were initially sporting and hunting dogs. They have significant muscle mass relative to their size. For this reason, the right amount of protein is essential for them. If your dog is less active, a moderate amount will suffice. But always pay attention to quality. Real meat is the only acceptable source. Good examples are chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, beef, etc.

  • Glucosamine, chondroitin, and calcium: Bone and joint problems are common in Cocker Spaniels. Examples are hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and so on. Calcium supports bones and Glucosamine and chondroitin support the development of joints and cartilage. The best dog foods certainly contain these valuable nutrients.

  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants are very healthy, so make sure your Cocker Spaniel’s diet includes them. The best sources are fresh fruits.

  • Omega fatty acids: Various skin problems are common in this breed. Omega fatty acids help with these problems. But they not only support the health of the skin but also the coat. Excellent sources are fish oil and flaxseed oil.

  • Fibers: Fruits and vegetables contain not only vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but also fiber. Cocker Spaniels are prone to various digestive problems, and fibers help with these a lot.

  • High-quality carbohydrates: Cocker Spaniels respond really well to proteins and fats. Therefore, you should avoid carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. These occur in cheap dog food. Sweet potatoes and brown rice are complex carbohydrates that do not raise your dog’s blood sugar levels. This will prevent overweight in the long run. 

Ingredients to avoid

There are ingredients that Cocker Spaniels may be allergic to. These include dairy products, meat by-products, eggs, grains, corn, wheat, and soy. Clearly, if any of these are a problem for your dog, eliminate it immediately from his diet.

Various additives such as preservatives, colors, or flavors should also be avoided. They do not necessarily cause sensitization or allergies. But they can be a problem in the long run, so it’s worth keeping them out of your dog’s diet. The situation is similar with different fillers like corn starch, straw, rice hulls, cereal by-products. These have no nutritional value at all.

best dog food for cocker spaniel

Different Types of Cocker Spaniel Dog Food

I wrote about the important and avoidable ingredients. However, it is worth mentioning the different types of food. Which of these will be the best depends on a number of things. Let’s see these types.

  • Wet food: One of the most common questions about dog food is whether wet or dry food is better. Wet food has more moisture content and is in most cases tastier for dogs. Even picky eater canines love it.

  • Dry food: Dry dog ​​food is the most common of all types. It is dry and crunchy, so it satisfies the chewing needs of dogs.

  • Dehydrated food: It’s somewhere between dry and wet food. As it has no moisture content, it can be stored for a long time. Water should be added before serving and it will already be as mouth-watering as wet foods.

  • Grain-free diet: In addition to the moisture content, it can be an important consideration of what grains the food contains. Grain-free is only specifically recommended for sensitivities or allergies. Otherwise, feel free to buy dog ​​food that contains grains. Avoid corn and wheat. Instead, aim for brown rice or barley. Of the grain-free carbohydrate sources, legumes and sweet potatoes are good.

  • Limited ingredient diet: Foods with limited ingredients have the advantage of being less likely to contain something your dog is allergic to or sensitive to.

Wet food vs dry food

This is a common question that can be answered in many ways. This is because both types of food have advantages and disadvantages. You need to know that the only significant difference between wet and dry foods is the moisture content. An average dry food can have a moisture content of 10-12%. This number can be as high as 85% for wet food.

High moisture has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that your dog will be better hydrated. In addition, these foods are usually more delicious. Although in many cases dogs can eat less of them due to their high water content.

Wet food spoils much faster than dry food. So canned food should be consumed by your dog within a few days. However, unfortunately, these foods can cause dental problems in the long run. All because they don’t clean their teeth.

I have to say about dry foods that they are usually cheaper, environmentally friendlier, and less smelly.

I think you decide based on your dog’s individual needs. I usually feed my dogs mixed, but dry kibbles are more common in their diet.

There are some health conditions that often occur in Cocker Spaniels. The following can be avoided or treated with an appropriate diet.

Overweight or obesity

Maybe there isn’t even a dog that doesn’t want to eat a lot. However, not controlling your dog’s calories consumed can easily lead to obesity. Being overweight and obese is not only aesthetically bad but can lead to many additional health problems. Monitor your dog’s weight and reduce calories if necessary. Some extra exercise can also help.

Joint problems

Joint problems such as hip dysplasia are usually inherited. However, with a proper diet, we can support the health of dogs ’joints. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and vitamin D have good effects on bones, joints, and cartilage.


Reducing carbohydrates in your dog’s diet can be a solution for various infections (such as ear infections). Of course, visit your vet with the problem as well. Check the ears of your Cocker Spaniel regularly for signs of infection in a timely manner.

A skin infection called Primary Seborrhea is an autoimmune allergy. It is medically treatable. But it also helps a lot if your dog’s diet contains omega fats.

best dog food for cocker spaniel

Frequently asked questions about Cocker Spaniel foods

What should a cocker spaniel eat?

For the Cocker Spaniels, the ideal diet begins with high-quality real meat. This ensures the right amount of protein. The best sources are chicken, lamb, duck, fish, beef. Important macronutrients are healthy fats and easily digestible carbohydrates. Also, don’t forget about the useful micronutrients.

How much dog food should a cocker spaniel eat?

Depending on your Cocker Spaniel’s activity level, the amount of food required is between 1.5-2.5 cups.

What should cocker spaniels not eat?

Avoid meat by-products, corn, wheat, and soy, and excess carbohydrates from your Cocker Spaniel’s diet.

Are cocker spaniels always hungry?

Like most dog breeds, Cocker Spaniels always love to eat. This may sound cute, but it’s worth paying attention to. You should not let your dog gain weight because it can lead to further health problems.

How many times a day should you feed a cocker spaniel?

First, determine the amount of calories your dog needs. This amount of calories should be divided into two meals during the day. If you give treats to your Cocker Spaniel, be sure to count it in his daily allowable calories.

What if my Cocker Spaniel doesn’t like his food?

Cocker Spaniels love to eat. Therefore, if yours doesn’t like his food, it’s one of the ingredients. Try another food with a different source of protein.

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