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7 Wonderful Signs That A French Bulldog Is Showing Its Affection

Written by: Peter Laskay
Reviewed by: Amber LaRock

Thinking about adopting a French Bulldog but still on the fence. Here are seven wonderful signs that a French Bulldog is showing its affection.

French Bulldogs were explicitly developed to be companion dogs and often excel at expressing affection for their owners. However, as a new dog owner, you may be perplexed about how your French Bulldog expresses its love. So, here are 7 wonderful signs that a French Bulldog showing its affection.

French Bulldogs like following their owners around as though they can’t bear apart. It’s a beautiful gesture demonstrating how much they care about their human. 

Another way a french bulldog shows love is by giving you things to play with. Continue reading to learn about the many other beautiful ways a French Bulldog expresses affection.

Do French Bulldogs Show Affection?

Yes, French Bulldogs are affectionate. They are well-known as affectionate and caring pets. In general, French Bulldogs are friendly, affectionate, and easy to get along with.

They adore spending time with their family and frequently accompany them around the house. They’ll even sit on people’s laps and provide hugs. French Bulldogs are also well-known for their ability to get along with youngsters.

French Bulldogs are often a highly affectionate and tender breed of dog. They are well-known for their devotion to their owners and make excellent companion dogs. If you want a dog that will show you a lot of love and attention, a French Bulldog could be the right breed for you. 

But before getting a French Bulldog, we recommend conducting adequate research on french bulldog breeders near you in order to ensure that the mother was cared for properly during the breeding process.

Signs Through Which a French Bulldog Shows Its Love 

  1. Brings You Toys

French Bulldogs are known for being passionate and devoted companions, so it is only natural that they would desire to express their affection tangibly. Offering toys might be another way for your French Bulldog to seek attention.

French Bulldogs are high-energy dogs who enjoy playing with their humans. They see giving you a toy as a chance to start a fun play interaction. Your French Bulldog recognizes that you nourish them with meals, shelter, and attention, and they want to show them appreciation by presenting you with a toy.

Dogs are gregarious creatures that thrive on human interaction, so it’s natural for your canine companion to want to spend as much time as possible with you. Finally, your French Bulldog is likely providing you with toys to demonstrate obedience.

In the dog world, presenting a toy to a superior is an act of devotion and subordination. So, if your French Bulldog frequently offers you toys, they likely view you as their leader and express gratitude to you.

  1. Wiggles Bums, and Tails After Seeing You

A dog wagging its tail indicates delight and eagerness while wiggling its bum indicates satisfaction. When your French Bulldog wiggles its buttocks and tail when they meet you, they are delighted to see and adore you!

French Bulldogs are recognized as caring and devoted companions that create close ties with their owners. This suggests they appreciate your company and are enjoying spending time with you. They are so pleased to see you when you get home that they can’t help but wriggle their bottoms and tails!

They are not only pleased to be seeing you, but they also like the attention you give them. They understand that when you offer them your attention and attention, it shows that you care about and love them. 

They like the sense of being loved and appreciated, which is why they wriggle their buttocks and tails whenever they see you. So, if you notice your French Bulldog wagging its tail and bum after seeing you, consider it a symbol of their love and affection for you!

  1. Follows You Everywhere

A dog’s conduct frequently reflects how they feel about its human. A dog accompanying its human everywhere often indicates a deep love and connection tie. 

French Bulldogs are recognized for being loyal and caring friends. This is why they have been ranked as one of the most popular dog breeds in the US.

For one thing, your Frenchie most likely regards you as the pack leader. They want to be connected with you because it makes them feel safe and protected.

Furthermore, dogs are naturally sociable creatures that thrive on connection. Your French Bulldog is showing you that they appreciate your company and want to be as close to you as possible by following you around.

Of course, remember that every dog is unique and that not all French Bulldogs will continually follow their people. One might only do this when they are very needy or want something. In contrast, others may follow their people at all times.

If, on the other hand, your French Bulldog is continually following you from room to room, it’s an indication that they adore you and appreciate your company.

  1. Sloppy Kisses on Your Face

Whenever your French bulldog throws you sloppy kisses on the cheek, it indicates that they adore you and value your company.

Frenchies are recognized for having deep ties with their humans, and kisses are one way of demonstrating their affection. Kisses from your French bulldog are their method of showing everyone how much they love and value you.

Kissing from your French bulldog can sometimes be seen as a request for attention or affection. Frenchies are renowned for being attention seekers, and if they don’t feel like they’re getting enough from you, they may try to grab your attention by kissing you.

  1. Rolls Over

Whenever your French bulldog flips over, it shows that they love and trust you. They are at ease in your presence and feel secure revealing their stomach. This is significant for a dog since the tummy is their most susceptible area. Rolling over has been their way of suggesting, “I trust you and feel at ease with you.”

Aside from reflex response to reduce the itching or clawing on their skin surface, French Bulldogs may occasionally rub their back by tumbling on the floor or grass.

They do this frequently, mainly when their loved ones are around. It demonstrates that they’re not uncomfortable in their presence of them and feel entirely safe by exposing their intimate parts. Building trust to this level takes time, especially in senior dogs that have recently joined a household.

It’s vital to remember that each dog is unique and will express its affection in various ways. Some dogs may dislike being patted on the belly, so examine your dog’s nonverbal cues and clues to determine their preference.

Nevertheless, suppose your French bulldog does appreciate a nice belly rub from you. In that case, it indicates that they actually love and trust you.

  1. Likes to Be Held By You 

If your French Bulldog enjoys being held, it will most likely feel safe and at ease in your arms. This is particularly true if you have them near your body.

Because French Bulldogs are friendly dogs, it is possible that your dog likes the physical touch and interest that come with being handled by you.

One explanation why your French Bulldog may love being carried is that they can frequently feel warm and cozy in your arms. This is because French Bulldogs have a significant amount of fat and their thin coat provides little insulation.

Finally, your French Bulldog likely appreciates being handled by you because they love the attention. French Bulldogs also enjoy the contact that accompanies being held since it allows them to bond with you.

  1. Puppy Eyes

One of the cutest features of French Bulldogs is their puppy eyes. Even the coldest heart can be warmed by such expressive eyes. And when your Frenchie gives you puppy eyes, they adore you.

When your French Bulldog stares at you with puppy eyes, it indicates that they appreciate you and desire to please you.

Puppy eyes can also be used to request anything. When your Frenchie gives you puppy eyes, it might mean they want a treat, a belly rub, or a stroll. They’re attempting to convey their desires to you. And what they usually desire is a product that will bring them joy.

Overall, there are several reasons why your French Bulldog may offer you Puppy Eyes. The most prevalent cause is that they adore and respect you as their owner. If you want your French Bulldog to feel loved and appreciated, offer them your undivided attention to make visual contact with them when possible.

We’ve talked about how your French Bulldog shows its love and more. But suppose you’re considering getting a French Bulldog or any dog. In that case, we suggest you consider the cost of owning a dog before buying or adopting one. 

Final Words

The French Bulldog is a devoted and loving friend that will express its love in various ways. From cuddling up close to sharing delicate kisses, these seven  ways will melt your heart.

So, if you’re considering getting a French Bulldog, be ready to be bombarded with affection. This breed of dog is unique, and anyone fortunate enough to own a French Bulldog should cherish it.

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