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Best brushes for golden retrievers 2022 – Best grooming tools for your goldy

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If you want to know the answer right away, I’ll tell you:

I chose FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush as the best brush for Golden Retrievers. 

If you want to know a little more about this topic, you might want to read the full article.

Lots of people love Golden Retrievers. It is one of the most popular breeds in America. However, grooming is part of their care because they drop quite a lot of hair. If you don’t pay attention to this, your Goldy’s coat will be ugly and unhealthy. Not to mention that the whole apartment will be teeming with a lot of furs. 

In my article, I have collected the best brushes for Golden Retrievers. I also included a buying guide and wrote about other grooming tools you might need. If you are interested in the topic, be sure to read on.

Let’s start!

Product table for the best dog brushes for golden retrievers

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Why is grooming important for Golden Retrievers?

Grooming has a lot of positive benefits in addition to making your dog’s fur look nice. This is because the coat will be healthy and clean, and the chances of ticks, fleas, dry patches, and other skin diseases will decrease.

Of course, grooming includes dental care, keeping the ears, legs, and other body parts clean

Lack of cleanliness is often the cause of various infections and inflammations. With regular grooming, the chances of these can be greatly reduced. That is, grooming is an essential part of a dog’s life.

What are the best grooming brushes for golden retrievers?

Choosing the right slicker brush is extremely important when grooming Golden Retrievers. Below I have listed the top four on the market. (By the way, I’ll recommend other grooming tools in my article. If you’re interested, be sure to read on.)

FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush

This brush is capable of dual action. That is why it has an unusual shape.

The handle is very nice and comfortable. It’s a nice feeling to catch.

The head is split in two, so you can avoid damaging your dog’s coat by combing too hard. There are curved pins on one side and straight pins on the other. The former is for removing undercoat hair, the latter for plain smoothing.


  • Dual action
  • Comfortable
  • Avoids any damage
  • Works perfectly
  • Affordable


  • Pins are not the best quality
  • Not very flexible

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This brush looks very good even on the first touch.

The grip is made of rubber, which does not slip and fits comfortably in your hand.

The product is made of strong plastic, which is extremely durable. You can be sure that you can use this tool for years. There are a couple of brushes on the market that will soon go broke. But if you choose this, you don’t have to worry about it.

The Hertzko brush has a self-cleaning function. You can retract the pins inside of the brush head by pressing a button. This way the fur will fall off the pins. This is a very convenient and easy solution for cleaning.

The pins are strong enough so don’t comb your dog too hard with the brush. With nice and gentle grooming, you get along better with your pets.


  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning
  • Great quality
  • Durable


  • Pins are stronger than average
  • Can be bulky

Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker

The Pet Portal slicker brush also has a self cleaning feature.

You can pull the pins back into the head at the touch of a button. Thus, excess hair falls to the ground or to the trash.

The handle of the brush is made of hard rubber and the side is ridged. This will make it quite comfortable for you to comb your dog. 

The product is suitable for both removing excess hair and dematting.


  • Self cleaning
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Several sizes
  • Good for thick coats


  • Pins could be better quality

Miracle Care Slicker Brush

It’s a very simple tool, but I by no means wanted to leave it off the list.

It has flexible pins to remove the excess hair.

Despite its simplicity, it is of very good quality and comfortable to grip. Overall, it makes grooming a pretty simple process.

Pins easily penetrate the coat of dogs. Experience has shown that most loose hairs can be removed with this product.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for long coats
  • Great for tangled and matted hair


  • Not durable
  • No self-cleaning

My pick

Of all the excellent products, my favorite is clearly the FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush. Value for money is the most sympathetic brush. And its features clearly rank it among the best.

Click here to get one for your Goldy.

best brush for golden retriever

Choosing the best brush for your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are extremely popular dogs. This is no accident, as their temperament and personality make them a real companion. They pay attention to their owner, so they deserve attention too. Their fur also needs special treatment.

Many people think that choosing a good brush is enough. The truth, however, is that if you want to do the right grooming, you’ll need more grooming tools.Of course, I have collected these as well, and I will write about them in my article. 

To choose the best grooming brushes for Golden Retrievers, you need to think about the following:

  • Coat condition: By this I mean if it is shedding season and if your dog’s fur is more prone to matting at this time.

  • Skin conditions: Always consider the condition of your Golden Retriever’s skin. There are plenty of skin conditions that a rough brush can worsen a lot. Examples include skin allergies, lumps, bumps, hot spots, warts, and so on. You should consult your veterinarian before using a new product.

What makes a brush good for Golden Retrievers?

Before you choose the right product for you, you need to make sure of some key features. A good brush should not only be suitable for grooming. You also need to be careful not to damage your pet’s fur. Of course, it’s not worth overthinking everything. But there are a few things that are good to know. You need to consider the following:


Golden Retrievers have a double coat for which a poor quality product will not be suitable. Choose a brush that is durable enough. 


There are brushes that have one function and some that have two. The former helps to remove hair that has already shed. The latter will lift and remove the hair. Decide which one is better for you.


Different brushes are designed for different purposes. I am thinking here of the length of the fur. You may want to choose a product that targets the Golden Retriever double coat and is also suitable for medium to long hair.

golden retriever

Types of dog brushes

If you have already looked around the market, you can see that there are several types of brushes with different shapes and purposes. You may want to buy a brush designed for a double coat that will properly remove loose hair. There are four types of brushes for dogs. I will detail each one and determine if it is good for Golden Retrievers.

Pin Brush

These are the simplest and most common grooming tools. They are used to remove debris and shed hair. That’s why it’s worth keeping them clean. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for removing all loose hair, so you should definitely get other brushes as well.

Bristle brush

With this grooming brush, the bristles are placed quite tightly. For this reason, they are recommended for short-haired dogs. It is not the best choice for your Golden Retriever to buy such a tool.

Slicker Brush

These tools have thin wires. These wires are attached to a soft and flexible backing. The slicker brushes are square or rectangular and are great for shedding periods. They are commonly used in medium and long-haired dogs, so they are also good for Golden Retrievers. They are available in several sizes, so pay attention to which one is best for you.

Rake brush

They are also very useful tools. They are designed to penetrate even the thickest double coats. In this way, they can remove the dead undercoat hair. You can also use these with slicker brushes. First, you remove the undercoat hair with a rake brush, then you get rid of the excess hair with a slicker brush.

So in summary, I can say that ideally, you need three grooming tools. The first step is to do the basic combing with a pin brush. You then use the rake brush to remove the shed undercoat hair. Then, finally, use a slicker brush to remove any excess hair.

Other Tools You May Need for grooming

While the list I’ve provided you is pretty good, there are other products made for double coat dogs. These are:

  • Undercoat rake

  • Grooming scissors

  • Nail trimmers

  • Thinning shears

  • De-shedding tools

  • Flea and tick prevention

Of these, perhaps the undercoat rake is the most important. You should get one of these if you want to do a really good job of grooming. 

The top five undercoat rakes on the market

golden retriever

Frequently asked questions about the best brushes for golden retrievers

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