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10 Best indestructible dog chew toys for Pitbulls – Toughest toys for power-chewers

Written by: Peter Laskay
Reviewed by: Amber LaRock
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I chose GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy as the best dog toy for Pitbulls.

Anyway, you may want to read the full article because I reviewed the best products on the market. 

I really like Pitbulls, in fact, I’m a downright fan of them. Many people judge this breed of dog very negatively. The fact is that they need completely different attention. It’s good to have them with the toys they need. A real indestructible dog toy for power chewers. In my article, I have collected the top ten such products. I evaluated each one individually. If you are curious about them, read on.

Let’s start!

best dog toy for pitbulls

Product table for the best dog toys for Pit Bulls

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What are the best dog toys for Pitbulls?

Below I have collected the top ten products. They are all suitable to add to your power chewer Pit Bull. Of course, at the end of the section, I choose the one I like best. There will be other useful information in the rest of this article, so you may want to read on.

GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy

As you will see, there are several GoughNuts products on my list. This is not a coincidence at all.

This brand makes excellent toys for the purpose of seizing your energetic Pit Bull.

This toy also proves to be very durable and deserves a place on my list. What makes it really attractive is its unique special shape. It even provides a long-lasting tug-of-war game between the owner and the dog.

The product is 11 inches long and 6 inches wide. Made of natural and durable rubber with carbon reinforcement. The red safety indicator informs you in time when it is worth replacing the toy.

The product does not make much noise as it is made of rubber. It’s also safe because there are no parts on it that could break off. You can choose from several colors (Black, Orange, Yellow, and Green) and several sizes (Small, Original, and Maxx) when shopping. For pit bulls, the Maxx size is most ideal. If you are looking for the most durable toy for your Pit, be sure to consider this GoughNuts product.

GoughNuts Original Ring Dog Toy

As I said, there will be more GoughNuts products on my list, and that’s it.

It is very similar to the previous one, there is little difference and it is also mainly due to its shape.

The material of this material is natural rubber. We find two layers designed to indicate to the owner if a replacement is required. Because of this, this inner layer is red.

The toy is very versatile and can be used for several games (eg tug of war, fetch, etc.). Several sizes and colors are available. My recommendation is the black ring with a yellow dot. It’s the strongest, and it’s clearly appropriate for the Pit Bulls.

Many have already observed that dogs like ring-shaped toys much more. In addition, this product is chew-proof, durable, and yet does not cause tooth damage. These GoughNuts toys are almost indestructible, so you can save a lot of money in the long run.

GoughNuts Interactive Black Chew Ball

This is another GoughNuts toy which, unlike the previous ones, is not ring-shaped but ball-shaped.

Still, this is also very much loved by Pit Bulls.

The manufacturer also offers several colors for this ball. So you can even choose one that is easy to find in the dark. This toy ball is very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of games. It is durable, bounces well, and even floats on water.

The brand is very confident as it gives a lifetime warranty alongside the product. That way you don’t take a risk. If your dog chews through the outer black layer, you will get a new one instead of the old one.

Big dogs and Pit Bulls love this toy. You will also like it because it is a very good value for money. The sphere is 3 inches in diameter. It’s not big, so you can play with your dog a lot of games with it. And it’s not small to pose a choking hazard. If your dog likes ball-shaped toys, be sure to consider this product.

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

In addition to GoughNuts, Kong is also a fairly popular brand among dog toys.

This is no wonder, as the brand’s Extreme dog toys have been developed specifically for power-chewers.

This toy is made entirely of natural rubber. It is therefore non-toxic and super durable. Its shape is unique and special, fun for dogs. Another thing I like about this product is that it can be stuffed with treats. You can put in any treats, but there are also products developed by the brand for this purpose. This will help keep your dog busy for a long time. Dispensing toys help with the same.

In short, it is a very positive product, great value for money. Your Pit Bull will love it and you will be happy with it too. You can be sure that it will withstand your strong-chewer dog as well.

GoughNuts MAXX Chew Stick

If your dog prefers stick-shaped toys, I definitely recommend this.

It’s also a GoughNuts product, so I’ve introduced a lot of the brand’s products, in all sorts of shapes.

These indestructible chew toys are available in Maxx sizes. They are 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. They look like a sausage. This product is absolutely ideal for power chewer Pitbulls.

Like other GoughNuts toys, it is also versatile. You can play many games with that. It also floats on water.

You also get a lifetime warranty for this toy. If your dog chews through the outer layer and you see the red safety indicator, replace the product.

The price of the stick is quite affordable considering it is a very durable and safe product. It was designed to be impossible to chew into pieces but would easily fit in the mouths of dogs. Be sure to consider this toy.

West Paw Zogoflex Tux

West Paw’s is quite popular among pet toys and other equipment.

For this reason, I didn’t want to miss this excellent product from my list either.

This toy is designed so that the owner can put in it a treat. This way, the dog will be busy for hours. You can choose from several colors (aqua blue, tangerine orange, granny smith green, and black).

This dog toy is very versatile. Your dog will feel good on his own, but you can come up with several different games together. The product is free of all harmful substances.

It is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. The 100% manufacturer’s warranty is also present here, which is quite positive for me. In short, it is an ingenious, durable, and versatile product that you should consider when shopping.

Nylabone XL/Souper Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew

Nylabone is a very popular dog chew toy manufacturer.

If you want a different product for your dog than before in this list, this is a very good choice.

The XL / Souper Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew is a great choice for Pit Bulls. This product has a very long service life. Thanks to the textured nubs and ridges, it is also good for the teeth.

This product is great for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds. Every part of the bone has a taste so dogs don’t lose interest in it. There are several flavors to choose from (peanut butter, liver, chicken, and bacon). You will definitely not have a complaint about this “toy”. It lasts for months.

In short, this product is a great way to properly control your dog’s excessive chewing habits.

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

This is another ball toy on my list, but this time from Kong.

This product from that popular brand will not disappoint you either.

The material of the ball is rubber, which is puncture resistant. This makes it perfectly ideal for large dogs and strong chewers. This product is currently considered one of the best indestructible dog toys.

It is about 3 inches in diameter and weighs 260 grams. You can play several games with it, eg fetch. Many owners love it because it resists the jaws of any dog. Even after months, only a few tooth marks remain on it.

Like other Kong products, you can insert treats into this one. This will make the game even more enjoyable and your dog will be busy for a long time. Last but not least, this toy is made of natural rubber. It is non-toxic and easy to clean.

Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Rope Tug

The Mammoth brand may be familiar to many.

The Mammoth Flossy rope dog toy is a good choice for Pit Bulls, whether it is a puppy or an adult dog.

The product is available in several sizes. I suggest you buy it in minimum of medium size. Anyway, this toy is made of premium quality rope fibers. This is not only durable but also provides excellent occupancy for your dog and is good for even the teeth.

This is a tug toy made possible by three knots. There are no breakable pieces on it, so it can be said to be safe.

Dogs love this tug toy. As I mentioned, it is good for teeth. It helps keep them clean and fresh breath. In addition to all these benefits, this product is very affordable. You can’t really find a better chew toy for your Pit Bull in this price range.

Benebone Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone is becoming increasingly popular among brands that make chew toys.

This product is also like this and is flavored with bacon.

The Benebone Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy as the name suggests is wishbone-shaped. It consists of only two ingredients: super-strong nylon and bacon.

Of course, this product is also available in other flavors, such as peanut butter or chicken. The shape of the toy is ideal for chewing because it makes it easier for dogs to hold while chewing. The value for money is excellent as it lasts quite a long time.

Like all the toys listed here, Benebone does not contain chemicals or artificial flavors. This makes it completely safe for dogs.

My Pick

I don’t think it’s surprising, but my favorite is the first member on my list, the GoughNuts TuG Dog Toy. It is a completely safe and maximally durable toy at an affordable price. Your Pit Bull will love it. But anyway, it’s perfect for any dog.

Click here to get one from Amazon.

And here to get one from Chewy.

best dog toy for pitbulls

What are power chewer dogs?

All dogs love to chew. This is in their instincts and can be traced back to wolves as their ancestors. This is because wolves gnaw bones to meet their nutritional needs. Although commercial dog food is appropriate for dogs, it is worth providing them with something to satisfy their chewing instincts.

However, some dogs may chew much more aggressively and violently. They are commonly called power chewers. For them, the usual dog toys don’t last long. And yes, Pit Bulls also tend to be power chewers.

This can cause two problems. One is that for these dogs you need to buy more toys, which is not good for our bank account in the long run. Keeping a dog is not a cheap thing in the first place, so it is worth minimizing costs if we can. However, there is another, more significant problem. Swallowing pieces of plastic toys can lead to serious health problems.

Pieces of plastic can leave the intestinal tract. However, they may accumulate and cause severe intestinal obstruction. It can even be fatal. Surgery may be a solution, but it is better not to take risks.

Reading these, you might think that the best solution is not to give your Pit Bull toys. However, it is not a good idea. Power-chewers have to chew. So you have to give your Pit a toy. If you don’t do this, he will divert his energies to other things (shoes, tools, etc.) which are much more expensive and dangerous pastimes. A well-chosen indestructible dog toy can do wonders.

Why do Pit Bulls power-chewers?

As I mentioned earlier, every breed has a chewing instinct. In Pit Bulls, however, this tendency seems to be much stronger. Many people may wonder why. 

Of course, the prejudices associated with them are not so true. This breed is not evil, aggressive, or bloodthirsty. Another popular misconception about Pit Bulls is that their jaws “lock.” That is not true either. These myths were mistakenly spread about these dogs. Below you will find some explanations as to why power chewers are Pit.

They have large heads

It can be observed that most power chewer dogs have a relatively large head. Even a medium-sized Pit Bull has a head the size of a twice-sized dog. And a bigger head means bigger jaws, teeth, and muscles. So it’s no wonder the toys are ruined soon.

They have wide jaws

In addition to the above, many Pit Bulls have not only strong but also wide jaws. This means more leverage and torque. And the result is destroyed toys.

They are very tough

Many are familiar with the history of the Pit Bulls. These dogs were developed for combat. For this reason, individuals were selected and bred who skillfully fought and endured all pain and strain. Therefore, they persist for a long time and do not rest until they have completely destroyed their toys.

best dog toy for pitbulls

How to use toys safely with your Pit Bull?

First of all, you need to understand that no toy is indestructible completely. It doesn’t matter what the manufacturers claim. The most motivated dogs even chew through the metal. So you have to follow some safety guidelines. Be sure to stick to these when you give your Pit Bull a new toy.

  • Don’t leave your dog unattended with the new toy: It doesn’t matter that you bought the best product for a lot of money. Wait until you find out how much that game can handle the load. After that, you can feel free to let your dog chew the “new prey.”

  • If the toy breaks, take it away from your dog immediately: If a piece breaks out of the toy, there is a risk of suffocation or intestinal obstruction. On the other hand, the toy will become even more vulnerable and more pieces may break out of it.

  • Make sure the toy you give your dog is not too small: This avoids ingestion and health risks. A toy should be too big rather than too small.

  • Be careful with toys that have large gaps: Examples are ring-style toys. Parts of the dog’s body can get stuck in these, such as legs or muzzle. This is not a huge problem, but more sensitive dogs can be very scared.

  • Buy toys that have high-quality control standards: If you buy products made in the US, you do a lot to avoid any contaminants that could be dangerous to your dog.

  • If the toy has indicators, pay attention to these: Some toys can indicate in some way when a replacement is needed. In this case, arrange the replacement immediately. Even if you have to pay the price of the toy again, it is still a lower cost than surgery.

best dog toy for pitbulls

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